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Indian Muslim Wedding

Based on the way the Moghuls had their weddings, the Indian Muslim Wedding too is similar. The wedding comprises of days of celebration, before an after the wedding. The wedding is preceded by ceremonies where haldi is put on the bride to make her look beautiful for the wedding. Other ceremonies also take place which include singing traditional wedding songs and dancing to them.

The main wedding day includes the ceremony where the Maulvi or the Muslim priest leads the wedding. The bride and groom sit separately. The Maulvi says out the proposal while stating the conditions and the consent of the bride is then reported to the maulvi. Once the couple get married, a legal document is signed by the couple, their parents and the maulvi to make it legal.

The wedding consent is followed by a grand feast for the guess and family. Also, the bride and groom sit together with a Quran in between and look at each other through a mirror. Then the bride departs with her husband and the ceremony is called Rukhsat which has the parents feeling very heavy-hearted.
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