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Indian Climate: A source to study the diversification of climate

India is a country that is considered as a subcontinent. Due to its large geographical area India enjoys diversification in the geography of different places. As a result of this diversification Indian climate is not constant throughout. If we move from south to north we can experience a remarkable change in the climatic condition. Generally southern India is warm region and northern India is very cold. Various extremes of climate can also be experienced in India with changing whether and seasons along with the geography of the country.

To understand the vast Indian climate conditions we can divide different regions as tropical wet, tropical dry, subtropical humid and montane. The different geographical regions led to the vast climatic conditions. These regions have different climates and can be studied mainly by dividing four climatic zones namely Alpine, Subtropical, Tropical and Arid.

Alpine zone can be experienced in the high altitudes of Himalayas. In this region there are high climatic conditions are changed regularly due to steep altitude variations. Sub Tropical zone is experienced in most of the northern part of India. Rainfall is common in summer season whereas winters are cold and dry. Tropical zone of Indian climate has characteristics where regions experience either wet monsoon or dry and cold monsoon. Tropical wet monsoon regions are accompanied by rainfalls with average common temperature while dry monsoon are accompanied by lower temperatures with no rainfalls. Arid is the zone of high temperature and low rainfall. It is experienced in western part of the country and includes large part of Rajasthan. The temperature in this zone may rise up to as high as 50 degree Celsius in summer.

Indian climate is divided mainly in 4 traditional seasons although every region suffers from different climatic conditions in a particular season. The four seasons are winter, summer, advancing monsoon and retreating monsoon.

India enjoys various types of climates and 4 seasons. These seasons have a great impact on the geography of India. Indian climate change can be felt with change in seasons.

India is a vast land with vast geography. Indian climate is not same through out India it changes from place to place. Due to large geography Indian climate is divided into 4 zones. Seasons in India are of 4 traditional types.

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