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Indian Climate

India does not fit into single climatic zone, since it is a vast country. The Indian climate can be divided into four zones: Alpine, Subtropical, Tropical and Arid.
In the high attitudes of Himalayas, Alpine climate zone can be experienced. Due to steep attitude variation, there are climatic fluctuations in this region. The Subtropical climate zone is common in most of the northern parts of India. In winter temperature drops down to freezing point, whereas summers are hot and rainfalls are common.

Tropical zone is again divided into two sub types: Topical Dry and Topical Wet Monsoon. In Topical Dry climatic zone rainfall is not common, while Topical Wet Monsoon zone average temperature is accompanied by high rainfalls. Low rainfall and high temperature are the features of Arid climatic zone and are prevalent in the western parts of India.
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