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The idli is a salty and savory cake popular throughout South India. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented urad daal and rice. Idli are usually served in pairs with chutney, sambar, or other accompaniments.
To make idli, two parts uncooked rice to one part urad daal are soaked. They are then ground to a paste. This paste is allowed to ferment overnight. The idli batter is put into the ghee-greased molds of an idli tray. These molds are perforated to allow the idlis to be cooked evenly.

A variety of idlis are experimented these days, namely, standard idli, mini idlis soaked in sambar, rava idli, Kancheepuram idli, stuffed idli with a filling of potato, beans, carrot and masala, ragi idli, malli idli shallow-fried with coriander and curry leaves, and curd idli dipped in masala curds.
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