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Home Tips

To look great, there are various cosmetic brands that we follow blindly. Their benefit for us may or may not be evident with our skin and body. However, with these home tips, you can get that extra edge without spending a lot of money:

  • Puffiness of your eyes can be removed if a drop of castor oil is massged on to them. Also to cool down the eyes, thick cucumber slices can be used as cooling pads.

  • You can also put a drop of rose water in your eyes before you sleep to relax your eyes.

  • A mixture of Vaseline and honey can be applied on the lips top prevent chapping. A mixture of rose petals grounded and milk butter can be used to prevent chapping of lips.

  • To make your non-shampooed hair look beautiful, brush one tablespoon of talcum powder in them and comb to get the silky effect.

  • Use lemon on your hands before washing them. This will help in removing any age-spots which have become visible

  • Condition your hair with a good conditioner but do not apply it to the ends. Keep for 5 minutes and wash off.

  • Use malt vinegar as the last wash for your hair to make them shiny.
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