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History Of India: Great Dynasties And Rich Culture Coalesced Together

India is an enormous country which is full of people of different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. All these which make up a rich cultural heritage of the country that is famous all over the world. There is a lot which has gone back in the past which has given rise to this richness of culture and tradition in India. It is the vast history of India which has made the country a centre of culture, traditions and values for people from the world over.

India has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties, eras and empires and all this has contributed to the rich cultural heritage of the country which is present now. Starting from the Bronze Age to the Persian rule to the Mughal dynasty and then the British rule, everything had a great role to play to bring out the current face of the country which exists now. Most values and traditions stem from the previous populations which have lived and survived in the country. Also, the country has seen various kinds of times too, like the Golden Era of prosperity and also the British Raj which was a miserable time.

India can boast of continuous civilization in the country since 2500BC. It was the start of the Indus Valley Civilization that flourished in the country and was really well-developed in comparison with other civilizations in the world at the same time. Starting from that time and then going over to the Vedic age, Mahajanapadas, Persian era, Greek Era, Magadha Emplire, Maurya dynasty, the Golden Era, Gupta dynasty, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Era, British Raj, Independence of India and the current state of affairs, each of these eras that have gone by have so much of history and culture in them that individual study of each of these can reveal some amazing facts and details.

There is simply so much to know in the history of India. It is a very vast subject which contains details about each and every facet of life of the country in the past hundreds of years.

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