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History of India: A Brief Perspective

As far as the history of India is concerned, it traces its origins to Indus valley civilization.  These civilizations spread and developed in the sites, which are now known as Mohenjo-daro, Harappa and Lothal. This was followed by the arrival of Aryans and scholars usually classify these periods as the Pre Vedic and Vedic periods. In the Vedic era Hinduism cam in to being which it self was largely influenced from the Indus valley civilization. 

Near about in the 4th century BC, the entire subcontinent was brought together and unified by the Mauryans. This period saw India being ruled by Ashoka the great, who later on converted in to Buddhism. It is under him that Buddhism propagated to the entire parts of Asia.  It is also a fact that it was due to the Mauryan era that is responsible for the formulation of present day Hinduism as a religion.

In between the 8th century BC and 11th century BC, Islam had gained a considerable foot hold in the Indian subcontinent. Islam mainly thrived die to the presence of numerous dynasties who ruled the country for a brief period of time such as the Lodhis, Tughlaqs and the Ghaznavis. It was finally under the Mughals, which is often termed as the golden period. It was the period when the county was united politically.

As the mughals started to disintegrate in the early 17th century, the Europeans seized the opportunity to grab ultimate supremacy. The Dutch, French, Portuguese and the British all had substantial interest, but it was the British who emerged victors. In the year 1857, there was a mutiny, which consequently took the form of a rebellion. Thus, India became a colony of the British Empire. But in the year ,1920 a nationalist movement was taking place asking independence from British dominion, under the tutelage of leaders like Mohandas karamchand Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel and few others.

It took nearly 3 decades and in the year 1947, the British finally granted independence but it came with a cost. It was divided in to India and Pakistan, as a Muslim majority state. The first prime minister was Jawaharlal Nehru. In the year 1950, India became a republic and from then on it had been a thriving democracy. 


History of India is a broad subject and consists of very important phases. To know more about the history of India, go through the article.

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