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Hindu Marriage Act

Coming into force by law on 18 May 1955, the Hindu Marriage Act is applicable to all Hindus which include Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs too. This law governs all the marriages as well as divorces that take place in the concerned communities.

The government levies some obligations for the people before they get married. The most important is the minimum age for marriage for boys is 21 years whereas for girls, it is 18 years. Also, both of them should be in sound mental health and be able to reproduce. They should not be within the degree of prohibited relationship. Polygamy or bigamy is not permitted by the Hindu Marriage Act.

Also, in addition to marriages, the divorces too are governed by this law. Divorce can be obtained on grounds of adultery, cruelty, desertion for two years, conversion in religion, unsound mind, etc. Also, this act says that the registration of the marriage that has taken place is a must as it provides a security for the future.
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