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Himalayan Tahr

The Himalayan Tahr is a large ungulate and a close relative to the wild goat. Its native habitat is in the rugged wooded hills and mountain slopes of the Himalaya from northern India to Tibet. The Himalayan tahr is one of three species of tahr. The others are Arabian tahrs of Oman and the Nilgiri of southern India.
Himalayan tahrs have relatively short legs and small heads with large eyes and small pointed ears. Males are larger than females; they weigh between 79 and 198 pounds. They are 26-40 inches at the shoulder, and 4-5 ft long. In the winter the tahr has dense, reddish to dark brown woolly fur with a thick undercoat, which keeps it warm.

They live in herds of 2 to 23 individuals. Himalayan tahrs are herbivores that eat snow tussock, alpine herbs and sub alpine scrubland plants. The tahr is a ruminant and has a multi-chambered stomach.
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