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High Courts of India

The High Courts are the principal civil courts of original jurisdiction in the state and Union Territories, and can try all offences including civil and criminal cases. The High Courts work under the Supreme Court in the country. These courts are vested with lot of power. However, the bulk of the work of most High Courts consists of appeals from lower courts and writ petitions in terms of Article 226 of the Constitution of India. There are in total 18 High Courts in the country. The oldest High Court is the Calcutta High Court which was established in 1862.
The judges of the High Courts are appointed by the President of India, in consultation with the Chief justice of India and the Governor of the state. The Chief Justice heads each of the High Courts in India. The numbers of judges vary from one court to other depending on the area that the High Court covers and the number of cases that it handles. There are also High Courts that serve more than one Indian state or Union Territory. Each of these courts have original and appellate jurisdiction under them.
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