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Hand Care

In addition to all the verbal communication that you make, gestures are also an important part of expressing yourself. Hands are a very important way to emphasise when you are speaking. Also, hands tell a lot about the personality of an individual. It is very important for one to take care of the hands. For this, the following tips can be followed:

  • Skin of the hands is very sensitive and exposed; therefore it needs to be taken care of.

  • The hands should be moisturised at least four times in a day.

  • To remove dead cells, exfoliation of the hands should be done with a scrub once a week.

  • While working in the sunlight, they should be protected with gloves and also a sunscreen should be used.

  • While working in the open like in a garden, rubber gloves can be worn.

  • Use your face cream occasionally on the hands as well.

  • Take care of your hands on a daily basis to prevent wrinkles and ageing of the hands.
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