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Hair Colouring

The main reason for the usage of hail colour was to cover greying hair. But nowadays, hair colouring is being done for fun and fashion and you can get it done in various ways depending upon the type of colour that you want and the time period for which you want it to last. There are various types of hair colour available in the market now like:

  • Permanent hair colour: these hair colours open up the top layer of the hair shaft and permanently change the colour of the hair by the oxidation of the cuticle. However, original colour of the hair will be seen in the new growth of hair that takes place.

  • Demi-permanent hair colour: less of damage is caused by these colours as the ammonia usage is less. Also, these are not permanent and the hair colour fades away in a couple of months.

  • Semi-permanent hair colour: these are used for the purpose of fun as they do not last for very long. Only 4-6 times of shampoo can be survived by these colours.

  • Temporary hair colours can be used for the purpose of party. A shampoo can easily wash off these colours.
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