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Gupta Dynasty

The Gupta Empire that spanned from around 240 to 550 AD was one of the biggest empires in ancient India in terms of political and military ability. The Gupta dynasty who reigned in this phase gave patronage to varied arts that saw opulence. This is one reason why, the Gupta age is also referred to as the ‘Classical age’ or ‘Golden Age’. The capital of the Gupta dynasty was Patliputra, wherein the king was placed at the helm of all the affairs, assisted by a council of ministers.

The kingdom of the Gupta dynasty enclosed regions such as North-east India, Gujarat, North-east India, south-eastern Pakistan, northern Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, as well as eastern India. The kings of the Gupta dynasty were the followers of Vaishanvism, which is reflected from the numerous construction of free-standing temples during this phase that temple in Deogarh in Jhansi. The popular Ajanta caves are yet another reminder of this prosperous era. The material informants of this Dynasty are inclusive of:

  • Kalidasa's works
  • Records of Chinese Buddhist scholar, Fa-hein
  • Prayag Prashsti or the Allahabad pillar inscription
  • Books by Harisena
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