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Gujia is a favorite festival sweet prepared at the time of Holi in almost all parts of north India. These gujias differ from region to region particularly in the sense of the filling in the gujias like in Uttar Pradesh, the filling of the gujias are made with khoya while at other places this filling is made with shredded coconut and nuts.

The material required are 250 grams of flour, 500 grams of khoya, few raisins, 100 grams of almonds, 3 tablespoon of cooking oil, 100 ml of water and 250 grams of sugar.

Firstly mix the oil and flour and knead lightly the entire mixture with water. Make soft dough and cover it with a damp cloth. Fry the khoya in cooking oil till it becomes light brown and then mix the sugar, the almonds and raisins in it, and fry for a few more minutes. Let this mixture cool. Make small thick chapattis out of that kneaded dough. Fill half of the chapatti with the khoya mixture and seal the sides of the chapatti. Deep-fry these gujias on low flame until it becomes light golden brown.

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