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Grey Heron

The Grey Heron is a bird of the heron family Ardeidae. It is native to Europe and Asia. In India, it is mostly found in the state of Haryana. Grey Heron can also be spotted in the Sunderbans National Park, Periyar National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in India.
It is a large bird, with a height of 90-100 cm, wingspan of 175-195 cm and a weight of 1-2 kg. Its feathers are mainly grey and off-white in color. They have long neck and powerful yellow beak. It has slender S- shaped neck, narrow head and pointed dagger bill. They have white head with a thin crest of long black feathers. They have long brown legs.

Grey Herons prefer to live in the wetland marshes, gravel pits, reservoirs, lakes, rivers and estuaries. They feed on fish, amphibians, insect, spiders, crustacean, rodents, hatchling turtles and small birds.
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