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Gram Parishad of India

The government, followed by the general elections of 1996, decided to set up a local government. Among many other recommendations, the government decided to make Gram Parishad. This was done in September 1997. But Gram Parishad never came into being.
Gram Parishad was recognized as a distinct juridical entity with an unending succession. These provisions appear to have been incorporated in the law to avoid conflict in jurisdiction with Union and to integrate it into the Union system of local government.

It was decided that besides the Chairman, the Parishad would consist of nine male and three female members to be elected on the basis of an agreement in a meeting to be attended by the voters of the ward.

The functions of Gram Parishad cover a wide range of areas and are designed to provide support services to Union Parishad including monitoring of activities of public, private and NGO personnel within the area. It also conducts socio-economic surveys, collection of and transmission to the Union Parishad statistical data on births and deaths, marriages and cases of divorce, the state of crimes and availability of agricultural inputs and acts as an alternative dispute resolution institution.
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