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Gram Panchayat of India

Gram Panchayat is the primary unit of Panchayati Raj Institutions. They are local government bodies at the village level in India. A Gram Panchayat can be set up in villages with a population of more than five hundred. There is a common Gram Panchayat for two or more villages if the population of these villages is less than five hundred. It is called Group-Gram Panchayat.
The members of the Gram Panchayat are elected directly by the village people on the basis of adult franchise, for a term of five years.

The Gram Panchayat is presided over by the Sarpanch. The elected members of the Gram Panchayat elect from among themselves a Sarpanch and a Deputy Sarpanch for a term of five years.

The main source of income of the Gram Panchayat is the property tax levied on the buildings and the open spaces within the village.
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