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Garganey Teal

Garganey Teal belongs to the Anatidae family of Anus genus. These are well distributed through out India. It can easily be spotted in the Ranthambore National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in India.
Garganey Teal is 35 cm long and weigh around 316- 502 g. It has a white stripe above the eye that run down to the neck. It's under parts are gray in color. Garganey Teal have a head with the blackish brown top portion and brownish red on the rest of the head. It has a black chin. The breast and back are brown in color. The bill is dark gray and the legs are blue- gray. Their average life span is around 20- 30 years.

Garganey Teals live in shallow marshes and steppe lakes. They feed on aquatic plants, seeds and invertebrates.
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