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Foreign Relations of India

A country which has never attacked any nation in the world, the Republic of India believes in maintaining cordial relations with all neighbors, trade allies and rest of the world. An ever-growing nation, India is most populous democracy in the world and it is this neutral attitude that has gained appreciation and also a very important say in the global scenario.

India has a reputation as a founding member of the UN and also had a major role in the Non-Aligned Movement. Also, a member of major international organizations like WTO, ADB, SAARC, G8+5, etc India has always been seen to support the cause of human welfare all over the world. Also, in times of a natural disaster, financial and resource help is offered to underdeveloped countries in the Asian continent. Russia and Israel are the two topmost allies of India when it comes to military partnerships. With its balanced foreign policy, India is soon expected to become a permanent member of the United Nations.
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