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Foot Care

Our feet is one of the least cared for parts of our body and the most ignored too. Considering that we have to stand all day long on our feet, it is important that they are properly cared for. Various tips can be followed so as to keep the feet in a good shape:

  • The hard skin from your feet should be removed. For this, a pumice stone or a foot cream can be applied generously. Soaking the feet in warm water will remove dirt and make dead cells soft which makes them easier to remove.

  • Essential oils and mineral salts can be added to the warm water in which the feet are soaked. All aches and swellings due to exhaustion will be relieved.

  • The nails of the toes should be cut and the areas between the toes should be wiped clean.

  • A rich foot skin cream can be used on them and massage can be done to the feet.

  • Remove extra cream from the nails and put cotton swabs between them.

  • You can now apply nail paint on the nails and wear your shoes only after it has dried
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