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Festivals in India: Never Ending Culture Of India

India is a land of colourful festivals. Festivals in India are celebrated with zest, passion and devotions as it is a part of life. It is celebrated in commemoration to religious, historical and coming of fresh seasons. The colour, dance, food, gifts and sports reflect the various lifestyles of India.

Festivals are celebrated in every corner of India by diverse communities. One can find festivals in India through the year and season. The coming of Spring season or harvest season or changing season is a reason to cheer and make merriment and it is well expressed through festivals. In festive season, people send wishes to their loved one, cook delicious sweets and cookies, and also worship their Gods and Goddess to shower their blissful grace. Many festivals are celebrated in honour of their God and religious cult. The festival of Janmasthami is celebrated by Hindus because of Lord Vishnu's reincarnation on earth as Lord Krishna. Deepawali is celebrated when Lord Rama return home after being victorious upon Ravana. So, it is observed that festivals are closely related to myth and religion.

Sports and fairs are an indispensable sect of festivities. Boat racing, cock-fighting, camel racing, bull fighting and such sports spice up the festivals. Holi is a festival of colour and can be observed all over India.

Preparation of these festivals starts few days before with enthusiasm and fervour. People decorate their house with colours and Rangoli (a colourful design made at doorsteps to welcome guest). They dress in their robes and visit homes of friends. Music and dance is the soul of the festivals. People dance with the musical rhythms and ogle in search of soul mates.

The colourful festivals of India attract foreign tourist. They fly to India to watch and enjoy the festivals from every corner of the globe. Thus, festivals and fairs are indispensable part of Indians.

Summary: Festivals of India are full of colour and music. People with zest and passion celebrate the festivals.

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