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Famous Rangoli in India

India is a land of diversified culture and tradition. Every religion and region of India has certain color schemes. Colors are the most important element of Indian events too. Arts and crafts of India describes about colorfulness of Indian culture. Rangoli are certain designs are geometrical pattern made in various festivals and can be found at the main entrance of traditional Indian homes.

Learn more about rangoli art and there deep meanings at famous in India.
» Aipan
Aipan is a form of rangoli which is traditionally practiced in the Uttrakhand region that Uttaranchal state of India. This is the traditional art which women make...more...
» Alpana
Alpana is a kind of rangoli which is generally made in the region of Bengal in India. Alpana is usually a very sensible geometrical pattern which is visually balanced... more...
» Aripana
Ariparna is a type of rangoli which is practiced mainly in state of Bihar in India. In ariparna designs the women use to make small drawing...more...
» Kolam
Kolam is a decorative design which is generally drawn on the floor in a home. Female members of a family draw this design as a traditional practice...more...
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