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Famous Caves in India

The ancient caves of India depict the marvels of the bygone era and some of the most outstanding sculptures carved out of solid rocks. They are one of the best examples of rock cut architectures that reflects the core of diverse religions of India.
Famous In India offers you a change to get ample information of the caves in India, so that you can plan your tour effortlessly.
» Ajanta Caves
» Bagh Caves
» Bhimbetka Caves
» Edakkal Caves
» Elephanta Caves
» Ghorawadi Caves
» Kanheri Caves
» Mandapeshwar Caves
» Nellitheertha Caves
» Pataleshwar Caves
» The Ellora Caves
» Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves
» Undavalli Caves
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