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Epics in India

India does not have a dearth of epics, as it has a long list of them from almost every era and phase of India across the country. The Ramayana and Mahabharata are amongst the oldest preserved epics that till date revered in India.  In fact, their versions have been adopted by some of the Southeast Asian countries as their epics.

Besides these two epics, there are five significant epics in the classical Tamil language –that are inclusive of Silappadhikaram, Valayaapathi, Manimegalai, Kundalakesi, as well as Jeevaga-chintamani,. There are numerous regional variations as well as unrelated epics. Some of these regional epics are comproised of  include the Pampa Bharata by Adikavi Pampa, the Tamil Kamba Ramayanam, Torave Ramayana by Kumara Valmiki, Karnata Bharata KathaManjari by Kumaravyasa, the poplar Hindi Ramacharitamanasa, as well as the Malayalam Adhyathmaramayanam.

These epics have been the basis of numerous religious-oriented dramas that are telecasted on television at present.
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