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Drama and Theatre in India

The history of Indian drama and theatre can be traced back to the ancient times. Some of the finest collection of dramas was written by Kalidasa's plays such Shakuntala as well as Meghadoota, which are enacted even till today.  India has one of the oldest existing theatre traditions of the world, which is the 2000 years old Kutiyattam of Kerala. This theatre tradition strictly follows the guidelines set by the Natya Shastra text.

The custom of folk theatre is still prevalent in almost all of the linguistic regions spread across the country. In addition to this, the rich institution of puppet theatre in the rural India, that goes back to at least the 2nd century BCE as finds mention in Patanjali's commentary on Panini.  The custom of ‘Group Theatre’ in varied cities that were initiated by laureates such as Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Gubbi Veeranna, K. V. Subbanna, and Utpal Dutt. This legacy is continued by groups like Nandikar, Prithvi, and  Ninasam Theatre even till date.
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