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Diarrhea or Diarrhoea is a common disease which occurs due to frequent passage of loose and watery stools. This term is commonly known by the name of loose motions. In this problem a patient looses water in huge quantity and is affected by a disease called dehydration. The causes of diarrhea may be many like viral infection, stress & strain, intake of contaminated water, consumption of alcohol etc

Home remedies for diarrhea are:
  • The best home remedy in this condition is intake of sugar and salt dissolved well in water
  • Butter milk with a pinch of salt
  • Carrot soup prevents dehydration
  • Fried fenugreek seeds in butter along with buttermilk
  • Powdered ginger with a pinch of salt can be taken with a piece of jaggery
  • Only liquid diet is prescribed
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