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The Dhole is a mammal of the order Carnivora, and the only member of the genus Cuon. They have certain similarities with African Wild Dog and the Bush Dog. It is also commonly known as Asiatic Wild Dog or Indian Wild Dog.
The Dhole normally weighs 12-20 kilograms and measures 90 centimeters in body length. The adult dhole is characterized by a rusty red coat with a pale underside. Dholes have dark, almost black, bushy tails.

The dhole can be found in dense forest steppes, and the thick jungles of the plains as well as the hills. They are never found in the open plains and deserts.

The Dhole is primarily a diurnal hunter. They eat wild berries, insects, and lizards. They also eat wild pigs, hares, wild goats, sheep, and at times a monkey as well.
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