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Dances in India: the celebration of a rich culture

India is said to have the richest cultural heritage in all countries around the globe. This is due to the different communities that thrive under the same sky and the tolerance that they have for each other. Different types of cultures have different dances in India. These are not just a form but an expression of their love to god and other human beings. Also, they form an inseparable part of any occasion and festival.

Dance is a form of expression to the people through which they can give a vent to their emotions, appreciation and worship. Initially with what started as a tribute to god and a way to worship, dance has now evolved greatly in India and has a different place in every variety of culture that is found in the country. It is a silent connection between the different races of people which co-exist in India.

Different states in the country have their different dance forms like Bihar has Bihu, Odissi is seen in Orissa, Bhangra in Punjab, Bharatnatyam in Tamil Nadu etc. There are other forms of dance as well which belong to the tribes in West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand and is called the Chau dance.

Other parts of the country like Gujarat have their own dance like the Garba and the Dandiya which is played with sticks. Every dance has a special significance in the specific culture. Some dances are ways to worship god or tell stories about the gods like the Raasleela. All these dances are performed win different ways from each other and form a great variety in the same country.

The differences in the cultures that are found in the country have defined the diversity in the country for so many years of its freedom and overall existence. The dances in India are a mirror of the growth and existence of these cultures in India and the way they have grown and made their existence known to the world.

There are a number of dances in India which are a part of different cultural groups and states as well. Different parts of the country have their dance form which is shared and enjoyed by the people of other communities as well.

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