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Dadabhai Naoroji

Dadabhai Naoroji, a Parsi intellectual, educationalist, cotton trader, as well as an early Indian political leader was born on September 6th 1825. He wrote Poverty and Un-British Rule in India that was concerning the drain of India's wealth into Britain. Naroji was also a Member of Parliament (MP) in the British House of Commons in the span of 1892 and 1895, becoming the first Asian to be a British MP.
Naoroji studied at Elphinstone College, and at the age of 25yeras was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Elphinstone Institution itself. He established the Rahnumae Mazdayasne Sabha on August 1st 1851 in order to restore the Zoroastrian religion to its initial purity and minimalism. He also instituted a fortnightly Rast Goftar (or The Truth Teller) in the year1854, as source to clarify about Zoroastrian concepts. Naoroji was referred to as the 'Grand Old Man of India'. He passed away in Bombay (presently Mumbai) on June 30th 1917, at age 92 years.
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