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Custard Apple Ice Cream

Custard Apple Ice Cream is a creamy delight. It is very delicate in flavor and is supposed to have originated in the Caribbean. It is suggested to buy ripe custard apple that has a soft and creamy flesh since that makes deseeding the pulp an easier task.

The ingredients required are 1 cup fresh sitaphal/ custard apple pulp (seeds removed), 2 egg whites; 400 ml chilled thickened cream, 1/3 cup sugar ground to a fine powder and tsp vanilla essence.

To make this tasty delight, first of all, mash the custard apple to a coarse pulp and freeze slightly. Whisk the 2 egg whites in a clean, dry bowl, till they get fluffy. In a separate bowl, whisk the cream, sugar and essence together. Now add the custard apple pulp to the cream and blend with a spoon. Now gently fold this mixture into the egg whites. Once fully blended, pour into a freezer bowl and cover. Freeze till firm. Remove from the freezer and whisk again till smooth. Again put back in the freezer till firm again. Scoop out into individual bowls and serve.

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