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Common Palm Civet

Common Palm Civet, also known as the Asian Palm Civet or the Toddy Cat, is a cat-sized mammal in the family Viverridae. It is native to south-east Asia and southern China. Around 16 subspecies of the Common Palm Civet have been reported to occur in Asia.
The Common Palm Civet has an average weight of around 3.2 kg. It has a body length of 53 cm and a tail length of 48 cm. The common palm civet has coarse, bushy hair that is usually grayish in color. It has three rows of black markings on its body. Their body is stocky and long.

The Common Palm Civet is a nocturnal omnivore. It feeds mostly on berries, fleshy fruits, and the fruit of Ficus trees. It also eats birds, rodents and insects.
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