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Cities in India: Tinsel Town Is Calling You

Indian cities are like ornaments of India's heritage. They add beauty and are decorated in lights and colours during festivals. In the cities thousands of denizens belonging to different communities reside in harmony. The Indian history dates back to Indus valley civilization when people belonging to a particular community use to reside in small groups. But the sweeping changes of time have transformed the small towns into major cities. Cities and town of India are known for both historical and commercial purpose attracting people from every corner of the world.

In India, the major cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Delhi is the capital of India; whereas Mumbai known as the financial base of India. The cities are well communicated and people can travel the places by airways, train, buses or any convenient mode of transportation. The town corporations and committees look after the well being of the cities with the help of local government.

The cities have become a booming spot for business bulls. With the increasing number of population, the opportunities have also multiplied and so people swarm towards these cities in search of jobs. India has also become a hot tourist destination spot and recently rated among the top five tourist destinations it the world by the annual Lonely Planet Pulse Survey. Goa, Cochin, Trivanthapuram, Darjeeling are some tourist sites.

India cities are rich in culture and architectural bequest, food, panoramic locals, diversity of languages etc. are some interesting things that you can explore. Theatres, banquet halls, parks, hubs, iconic and magnificent hotels are located in the cities and their astonishing atmosphere drools person.

Because of the booming economy the cities are developing at a phenomenal pace. Small towns segregate to form into a new and bigger city. The consensus reveals that Indian cities are growing at a remarkable speed that predicts the future advancement of the country.

Summary: The cities of India are decorated like newly wedded bride in festivals. Besides the cities are also of commercial and tourist destinations.

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