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Chenab River

Chenab is a river that originates from confluence of Chandra and Bhaga Rivers of Himachal Pradesh. This river is considered as clean as moon. Chenab this word has been derived as Chan (Moon) and Aab (River). The Chenab River is formed by the merger at Tandi which is located in upper Himalayas in Lahul and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh.
Chenab river is one of the five rivers in Punjab {Punj(Five) + Aab(Rivers) }.Chenab also flows through some regions of Pakistan. Chenab after its origination moves to Jammu and from there it comes to Punjab where it meets Jhelum River.

Chenab in the Vedic period was known as Ashkini or Iskmati. The great love stories of Punjab revolve around Chenab River which is the tale of Heer Ranjha, the Punjabi national epic and the legend of Sohni Mahiwal.
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