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Char (Four) Dham (sacred spots), one of most revered sites India. Char Dham is a journey (yatra) to the four sacred spots of Hindus. These four spots are Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All these shrines are located in the Uttrakhand state of India. Chardham is supposed to be the epicenter of all the religious traditions on going in the northern India. Char Dham are nestled in the lap of majestic Himalayas.
According to the religious beliefs it is said that a person should visit these four pilgrimages once in his life to get freed of the cycle of rebirths. Traditionally Char Dham Yatra is undertaken from west to east in a clockwise manner. Starting with Yamnotri {goddess Yamuna (river)} to Gangotri {goddess Ganga (Ganges River)} and then to Kedar Nath (Lord Shiva) and finally Badri Nath (Lord Vishnu). Thus people visits Char Dham to wash away their sins to attain salvation, by Lord’s blessings.
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