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Chaat is a word used across India, Pakistan and the rest of South Asia to refer to small plates of savory snacks. Chaat is typically served at the side of the road from stalls or carts. Chaat is very famous in India and is relished by everyone. One can enjoy many flavors in chaat, i.e. sweet as well as sour flavor.
Many types of chaats are prepared in India and each one of them is typical in its taste. Most chaats are based on fried dough, with various other ingredients. Popular types include the original Chaat which is a mixture of Potato pieces, crispy fried bread, gram bean and spices. Bhel puri, dahi puri, panipuri, dahi vada, papdi chaat, fruit chaat and sev puri are some of the famous chaats that are relished by people of India. They have some ingredients in common like yogurt, chopped onions and coriander; sev and chaat masala.
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