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With such a vast country that India is, there is a lot of variety in the lives and cultures of the people in different areas of the country. There also survive people in different weather conditions, geographical locations, and different regions and ethnicities. All such things which are specific to people and places become really cherished and treasured by rest of the people and are famous in India and also the rest of the world. At Famous in India, you can now get the complete information about all such specialties present in India.

There is simply a lot to discover in India whether it is with regard to food, people, cultures, dresses, places, tourism, shopping, etc. With the right information about such specialties, it is possible to discover them without any waste of time and also the right backgrounds can be easily known. Famous in India provides the right information about these specialties which is really helpful in discovering the actual beauty of these things. Different cultures of people who belong to different geographical locations like Northern India has a flair for spicy and luxurious food whereas the southern part of India having different food habits and recipes, etc. Different dances that thrive in the country like Gujarati, Punjabi, Oddisi, etc are also really great things to be discovered.

There are various festivals which are celebrated in the country with great fervour and joy and with complete tradition. Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Onam, etc are celebrated lavishly and present sights worth capturing. The history and information can all be availed at Famous in India easily. Great pictures, recent happenings that take place in India can also be known easily.

Famous in India proves to be a great source of information when you wish to learn more about India. The greatness of the nation is projected very well with all highlights which are worth a mention.

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Browse By Famous Catagories
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