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Brown Long - Eared Bat

The brown long-eared bat or common long-eared bat is a medium sized European bat. It has distinctively long ears with a unique fold.

An adult brown long-eared bat has a body length of 4.5-4.8 cm, a tail of 4.1-4.6 cm, and a wing length of 4-4.2 cm. They have long ears measuring up to 3.3-3.9 cm in length, which distinguish them from most other bat species. This species prefers to live in caves but sometimes also dwell in the trees as well.
These bats are also known as 'whispering bats' because their echo location sounds are very quiet. They have particularly sensitive hearing and often locate prey from just the sound made by the insect's own movements.

These bats feed up on moths, beetles, flies, bugs earwigs and spiders.
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