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Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra is one of the major rivers of Asia. This trans-boundary river is called Bhramaputra in India but is known by the name of Yarlung Tsamgpo River in Tibet. The Brahmaputra River is very significant it has a great mythological story associated with it. Bhramaputra conceived its name from Sanskrit word Bhrama means god and putra means son. Therefore this river, in India, is considered as son of god. Also Yarlung means imperial blood.
Brahmaputra is the biggest river of India which exceeds to nearly 1800 miles. This river originates from Kailasa range of the Himalaya and flows down 2900 Km to its massive delta and the Bay of Bengal. The Brahmaputra River is one of the few rivers in the world that exhibit a tidal bore.
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