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Bonnet Macaque

Bonnet Macaque, an Old World monkey, is also known by the scientific name of Macaca Radiata. This particular species is found only in India. The Bonnet macaques have a cap-like curl of hair on their head, which radiates outward from the center. Since the coil of hair resembles a hat, they have been named as Bonnet macaques. They have a dusky brown to golden yellow body, black ears and black lower lip. The female's face is red.
The body length of Bonnet Macaques varies from 35-60cm, with a tail length of 35-68cm. The Bonnet Macaque feeds on fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, invertebrates and cereals. Bonnet macaques often sleep in fig trees near human settlements, as well as tall trees with dense foliage. They are diurnal, and spend their time in the trees and on the ground.

Bonnet Macaque is a social being and lives in groups. There can be up to 12 males in a group and the number of females can go up to 15.
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