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Body Care

For the whole day long, we tend to work and overstress our bodies as well as our mind. It is very important that some sort of relaxation is required so that the body too relaxes and rejuvenates for the next day. For doing this, one can take up the following steps:

  • A warm and soothing bath will always help the body. Essential oils can be added to the warm water to enhance the soothing effect. Any kind of muscle swelling, tension or pain can be improved with this way.

  • A rich hand and body cream should be applied at night so as to give the required nourishment to the skin and give it back that glow again. This also delays ageing for the skin.

  • The feet should also be cared for as much as the hands. A proper moisturiser and foot cream is very important so as to keep the heels and toes soft and supple.

  • There should be a humidifier in the bedroom so that the room remains moist. This will help the skin look fresh and supple when you wake up the next morning.
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