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Black Rat

The Black Rat, also known as the Asian black rat, Ship Rat, Roof Rat or House Rat, is a common long-tailed rodent of the genus Rattus. This rat species probably originated in south-east Asia from where it has spread to large areas of the world.

It can be identified by its tail, which is always longer than the combined length of the head and body.
In its natural habitat, the black rat is a tree-dweller. It is an excellent climber, and is particularly common among pines, palm trees and mixed scrub along the Mediterranean coast. It is nocturnal and omnivorous, with a preference for grains.

Although rats are considered to be dirty and unhygienic, frequenting sewers and other such places, the black rat is cleaner in its eating habits than the brown, and spends much time grooming its fur, tail and paws.
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