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Billiards and Snooker

Billiards includes a range of cue games. These games are played on a billiards table to test the skill of hitting the billiards balls with a cue stick. Billiards is divided into three subdivisions: carom billiards, pocket billiards and snooker. All the three gamers are played with same techniques but the origin and terminology of snooker is different.
In carom billiards, the player is required to hit a cue ball aiming to make contact with the rival's cue ball. One-pocket, bank pool, eight-ball, nine-ball and snooker are some of the pocket billiards games. In 2005, billiards was added as an event in the World Games and in 2006 billiards was given a place in the Asian Games.
Famous Billiards Players in India
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