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Bentley Continental GT

The fastest Bentley of all, the Bentley Continental GT has managed to reach the 200mph mark. Also, in addition to this superb speed and power, there is also style, comfort and space as well which is imbibed in this car in a superb way. This coupe has added to the glory that was already synonymous to the legend of Bentley.
The car has a torque of 750 Nm which means that a 15% increase has been obtained than the previous ones. The engine is a 12-cylinder, 6 litre engine which offers a 9% increase in the power which means that the Bentley Continental GT is the most powerful production ever made by Bentley. The car reaches 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds only. The freedom to choose the looks of the car is available, like in all Bentleys and the details are done by hand to the best level of perfection.
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