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Bentley Arnage

A true luxury vehicle, the Bentley Arnage is a tourer which is available in three variants. The vehicle was launched in 1998 and is a great masterpiece. The delicacy and luxury presented in this car is very difficult to surpass. The car was the fastest one at the time it was launched. The Bentley Arnage is a four-door sedan and had another breakthrough in its time. Instead of the usual engine, the car was equipped with a 6.75 litre-V8 engine made by BMW with Cosworth-engineered twin turbo installation.
The Bentley Arnage produces a torque of 645lb at just 1800 rpm. This gives a great performance to the car. Another speciality about Bentley and a very important one too, is that the car is made according to the specifications that are provided by the buyer. Mulliner has been in collaboration with Bentley decades now and the car is hand-made to order for the buyer. The brake system of the car is also an enhancement to the performance of the car.
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