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Beech Marten

The Beech Marten, also known as the Stone Marten, is the most common species of marten in Central Europe and Central Asia especially in the Himalayan region. Beech martens are long, slender, short-legged predators with long, bushy tails.
They grow to a size of 40 to 50 cm in body length and weigh up to two kilograms. Their brown coats have a forked white marking at the throat, which distinguishes them in appearance. They generally stay in the rocky and deciduous forests that are not densely planted. They live inside of hollow trees, rocky crevices, and abandoned burrows.

Beech martens sleep in cover during the day, and hunt for food in the twilight. They are omnivores and their diet includes smaller mammals, earthworms, eggs, and fruit.
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