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The strong similarity between the people of India and Bangladesh has been such that they are indistinguishable to the any outsider who does not the origin. Such is the sharing of a common cultural, political and economic history of these two nations. Due to the efforts of India and the support meted out to Bangladesh when around 19000 indian soldiers were martyred to get Bangladesh independent. After independence, it was faced with shortage of resources due to a very large population. At that time too, India offered great aid.

A Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed between the two nations in 1972 along with a pact. However, there has been some tension as well which is mainly in relation to the Bangladeshi complaint that it does not receive the fair share of Ganga waters. Also, flooding is a problem for them when India releases excess waters in monsoons. Also, dispute existed over three bighas of land which were leased to Bangladesh to connect a part of the country to the mainland. However, this dispute was resolved in 1992 by a formal transfer of this land.
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