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Baiju Bawra

Baiju Bawra also known as Baijnath Prasad or Baijnath Mishra was one of the famous Indian Dhrupad singers. He was born in 1542 and was considered as the finest classical vocalist. Initially he was court musician of Raja Chanderi and later became the court musician of Raja Mansingh of Gwalior. Some of the contemporary work of Baiju was Raag Ramdasi Malhar, Nayak Charju and Raag Charju ki Malhar.
According to the historian Faqirullah at Emperor Aurangzeb's court and Abul Fazal at Emperor Akbar's court, Baiju once defeated Tansen, the renowned singer, in a singing competition at the court of Akbar. He died of typhoid at the age of 71 in 1613.
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