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Baby Needs

The new born baby requires many things. You need to buy the things that the baby needs. But one thing that should be remembered is that you need not collect many items as the baby grows very fast. The basic things that are required when the baby is born are listed below:

You need to buy clothes for your baby but make sure now to buy many of them as your little one is in growing stage. It includes the baby suit, caps, socks, apron bib, night suit etc.

Your baby require many nappies also. The babies keep on soiling them time and again. Two types of nappies are available, i.e. disposable and reusable that the one that can be washed and used again. You need to buy them n large numbers.

Bath Items:
For giving a proper and safe bath to your baby you can use baby bath tub. The other things that are required are sponge to bath the baby, baby soap and shampoo, a soft towel and baby nail clippers.

You need a small mattress, bed sheets, small cotton blankets and 2-3 pillows to keep on the sides of the baby to ensure that the baby doesn’t roll off the bed.
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