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Asthma is a disease in which air passage in lungs gets inflamed and thus results in improper breathing, chest congestion, inflammation, coughing, etc. Asthma can be mild, moderate or severe, depending upon the frequency of the inflammation of the air path. The patient can take numerous remedial measures like:

  • Take 1 tsp honey and ½ tsp cinnamon powder and mix them well before consuming.
  • For people who are in their early stages of asthma, a perfect home remedy is to boil 8-10 cloves of garlic in ½ cup of milk and consume it during nighttime.
  • Take very hot water and add a tsp of honey in it. Consume it just before sleeping and take small sips.
  • In 1 cup of water soak 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds overnight. Strain. Add 1 tsp of Ginger juice and 1 tsp of honey to this. It has to be consumed twice during morning as well as evening.

These remedial measures can provide respite to the patient from the asthmatic attacks.

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