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Assam Macaque

Assam Macaque is a diurnal primate. They are found only in India, Nepal, Vietnam and southern China. It inhabits in forests of tropical and subtropical mountainous regions, generally forming groups of 10 to 30.

Assam Macaques are also known by the name of Himalayan Macaque and Hill Monkeys in India. They are 50 to 73 cm in length and their tail, about 1/3rd of the size of the body. It is 19 to 38 cm long. Their weight is around 12 to 14 kilograms.
The Assam Macaques feed on fruits, leaves, invertebrates and cereals.

Two sub species of Assam Macaque are also found. They are, Eastern Assamese Macaque and Western Assamese Macaque.
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